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Where Is... is a visual tool for fast searches in text files. It is especially designed for software developers that frequently have to look up words in C/C++/Basic/Java/JavaScript source files. But it is also very useful when searching in any other kind of text file.

When you are often using programs like "grep" or "FindInFiles" Where Is can help saving time in your daily work. Beside searching for words it gives you (sorted) lists of words contained in the files, summarizes and ranks the findings, provides context information for the findings and supplies additional features to work more efficiently and simplifies common tasks.

Screenshot of the main window of the 'Where is...' application    Screenshot of the Settings window of the 'Where is...' application

Download - Where Is Version 3.1 (Zip file, 782 KB)

Readme - Manual (pdf) - Licence
(All files also included in "Download")